The TITAN STATE Philosophy

The Titans in Greek mythology are said to have been the children of the heavens and the earth.

It is my philosophy that we are all Titans in reality, our minds are represented by the heavens and our bodies by the earth.

With each client my goal is to bring Mind (Heaven) and Body (Earth) together as a powerful and harmonious One (You).

What is The Titan State?

Titan State refers to a state of mind, as well as body. When both are in complete balance and harmony with one another, the realisation of ones true ability allows for a new state of living.

Human beings have a lot in common with Ice Bergs,we only explore one third of our  potential, when there is so much more waiting to be explored underneath.

The TITAN STATE Process:

At the outset, I conduct an assessment with you which comprises a set of questions related to your physical and mental state and the goals you would like to achieve during our training sessions.  Like each of the 12 Titans of old(male & female), every individual is unique and has different strengths and potential.  I pay careful attention to your overall condition and performance targets to ensure that you enjoy the kind of results that will finally get you on track for a lifestyle of permanent physical and mental strength, agility, endurance and an overall sense of calm confidence.

Titan State Follows Two Methods of Training:

1. To Train Your Body

The Human body is one of Natures most perfect designs, and its primary function is to move. The more you move your body the more resilient it gets, and this leads to longevity and fullness of life.

2. To Train Your Mind

The depths and limits of the Human mind are still unknown, but what is known is that your Mind needs exercise too,  as regular training of the Mind has been proven to stop and in some cases even reverse the aging process.

Training Your Body:

In your training sessions your body will be exposed to three vital components , being:

Strength Training
Strength training aids in maintaining muscle tone and shape , which  give your body a great shape but also maintain a healthy Metabolic rate.

Balance Training
Balance training challenges your nervous system which greatly improves your sensory-motor function, meaning that you will be in better control of your body. Imagine easily bending over on one leg, picking up a box and placing it on a shelf with the greatest of ease.

Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular training greatly strengthens your heart and lungs , and in doing so you will burn more fat, have lower blood pressure and more energy. Cardiovascular training is also great for reducing stress levels.

Training Your Mind:

In training your Mind you will work with two principles, being, self-reflection and meditation.

You will be provided with a journal to record your thoughts. Self-reflection greatly aids you in achieving your goals.

Meditation has been practised throughout Human civilisation for thousands of years, its benefits are too numerous to mention here, but its main goal is to still your mind and calm it as this will directly translate to your daily living, and greatly reduce stress.