You Are Never Too Old

Age and exercise are often misunderstood, as it is thought that as the natural process of ageing takes place we will inevitably get smaller, weaker and less functional. This misconception is very far from the truth however.

Throughout our lives we have all been reasonably active, no more so than our younger years playing sports and games with our friends. But unfortunately the priorities of life change as we age and the hustle and bustle takes over for most, leaving no time to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. And beyond that, re-discovering our abilities is often a very tough road, causing most of us to stop.

Researchers at Harvard University have published reports on various strength training programs for people aged over 80, the results were incredible. The individuals increased their metabolic rates, had increased bone density, stronger muscles and decreased stress levels. This was all due to the amazing ability of the brain to store and remember movements that these individuals practiced when they were younger.

So, our brains remember how we were in our peak, its just up to you to make the choice, and to stick with it. I promise, you wont look back. If these results were possible for people considered to be frail, then just imagine your results.

The Human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts.