The definition for the word supplement is : to reinforce or extend a whole.

It is with this definition in mind that i remind you, supplements are not the holy grail to looking and feeling great. hard work through exercise and correct eating are the cornerstone, and supplements are there to aid this. No supplement on the market today is going to be the answer to your fat loss and muscle gaining needs if your training and diet are not in order.

Supplements are there to fill the gap where needed, so that the body always gets what is needed at the time it needs it. We live fast paced lives and thus cannot spend our days eating the large variety of foods required to maintain a picture of health.

Jevon Beukes

Here are some supplements worth taking a look at :

1. Fish oil – Fish oils contain EFA’s( Essential Fatty Acids). These supplements will aid you in metabolizing more fat and will contribute greatly to your cardiovascular health.

2. Multivitamin – A good multivitamin can provide you with all the necessary minerals and vitamins to meet your daily requirements, as most of us do not or cannot eat the required amount of fruits and vegetables in a day.

3. Liver tablets – Your liver has to process most of the junk that gets taken in through unhealthy eating, alcohol, smoking and an excessive lifestyle in general, and so it is worthwhile looking after it.

4. Amino acids – Amino acids help to improve nitrogen retention and will aid in the reduction of muscle catabolism.