Meal Spacing for Best Fat Loss Results

When dieting, most people believe that eating little to nothing at all will bring them the results they desire. This unfortunately is not true.

The truth is, that for weight loss one has to eat less amounts of the right foods more frequently, this will curb muscle catabolism(where your muscle fibres are absorbed by the body for energy). Your body must receive a steady amount of protein throughout the day, which is broken down into amino acids which are used by your muscles to grow and repair. if your body does not receive this steady supply, the amino acids will run low in the bloodstream, and once this occurs it will begin to absorb the amino acids from your muscle tissue.

that is why eating frequently is so important, even if you do not feel hungry, and it has been 2hr-3hr since your last meal, you should eat. Once your body receives this steady supply it will no longer need to keep any reserve supply of fat to use as energy, and it will begin to shed the excess weight.

Another important factor to eating frequently is to maintain insulin and blood sugar levels, this is essential to fat loss. A few things happen when blood sugar levels drop due to erratic eating habits:

1. Your body craves carbohydrates, high sugar foods.

2. The sudden spike in sugar levels due to the carbohydrate intake makes your body release high levels of insulin to restore the balance,high insulin levels in the blood will result in greater fat storage.

3.Our hunger levels increase which more than likely makes us tend to overeat.

So remember, eat less overall of the right foods….but eat it more frequently through the day, every 2hr-3hr.