The Human Sculpture

Your body is a beautiful work of art as nature intended, but it is also an immense triumph of engineering…

Did you know:

  • The muscles that allow your eyes to focus, move around 100 000 times a day. To give your leg muscles the same workout would require you to walk non-stop for 80km.
  • To take a single step forwards requires up to 200 muscles to work in unison.
  • Human bone is as strong as steel and in some cases can bear more weight than concrete.
  • The human brain has over 100 million cells, just one brain cell can store 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Your nose can differentiate between 50 000 scents.
  • 80% of your brain is water.

Your brain never sleeps, in fact, whilst we sleep our brains are even more active than they are during the day.

These facts alone are a testament to how incredible we are as human beings. Our mind and body are interlinked to the deepest of levels, one cannot exist without the other.

The act of mindfulness brings the state of mind and the state of body together. It is the act of being fully aware and present in which-ever task you are performing. This is the aim of Titan State, to be fully aware of all that encompasses you.
Bearing the above in mind, you may want to introspect for a little while and take a good look at your internal dialogue (how you think about yourself / “talk” to yourself) and consider placing a different spin on things…. Like:

For example, terms such as:

My body, my mind is in pain

Should be:

I am feeling a sense of pain here in myself” – Your body and mind are one unit and separating them causes dissociation and you’re goal should be to be more associated with yourself.

This will integrate your body and mind by bringing you back in congruence with yourself.
I trust you enjoyed this short article, please feel free to let me know what results you achieved after trying the above mind/body  exercise.