The Human Form & Personal Training

What Body Type Am I?

Before beginning any exercise programme it is essential to understand what gives toy the ability to move, your muscular-skeletal system. By knowing what is under your skin you will be able to create a better mind muscle connection during exercise which will allow you to make better progress in your new training programme.

There are 3 basic body structures, known as Somatotypes. They are :

  • Ectomorphic, known for being long and lean, characterised by long limbs anda short torso.
  • Endomorphic, known for having a large fat storage, round face and short neck with wide hips and softer musculature.
  • Mesomorphic, known for having a solid muscle structure and large chest.
Body Types - Endomorph, Ectomorph & Mesomorph

What Body Type Are You? – Endomorphic, Ectomorphic & Mesomorphic

It is important to remember that no one can be completely fit into a certain category, rather each person is an individual with different amounts of each somatotype structure put together.

Understanding your basic structure will shed light on how you should move forward with regards to your personal training as well as your personal diet.

We are all individuals with different strengths, so a better understanding of the culmination of yourself will shed light on your great physical attributes and also the ones that can be worked on and modified to bring you closer to a state of wholeness physically that I refer to as the TITAN STATE.

Discover your body type today and start working towards a new state of being…. Join my TITAN STATE personal training program in Fourways, Gauteng today.

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